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Photo Credits: Tobias Schult

When Silke was visiting the orphanage Infantário Premier de Maio during her last stay in Mozambique in March 2016, the warden Dona Ida led her to one of the cribs. “This is Carolina”, said the warden. Carolina is a small baby, a young and graceful girl, only eleven months old. A girl without a face.

Her nose, her eyes, her mouth, one ear and half of her hair are severely burned. Carolina was distorted by a falling mosquito net inflamed by a burning candle in August 2015. Although dorsal skin was transplanted during a first emergency operation as first measure for the restoration of her face, the consequences are still disastrous and unimaginable.

Affected by the accident, her mother passed away of weakness and shock only short afterwards, the father, completely overwhelmed by the situation, simply dropped her off in the orphanage.  Silke and her team had to act!

Photo Credits: Thobias Schult

Photo Credits: Thobias Schult

As plastic facial surgery was not possible on-site, there was only one chance for her salvation – Carolina had to be brought to Germany. Since April 2016, Silke and her team had therefore been fighting to bring Carolina to Berlin. Entry papers, passport and visa were applied and also first negotiations with the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (UKB) were held.

From June 4th, 2016 onwards, Carolina had finally been here and has already successfully overcome her first operations in the severe burn injury centre with plastic surgery under the supervision of Dr. Bernd Hartmann. More operations from Dr. Hartmann and chief resident Dr. Frank Sander will have to follow and we are already planning the return of small Carolina for her next unavoidable operations.


Even if Carolina is feeling better now and the first important steps for a better life have been taken, it is still a very long way until Carolina can at least rudimentarily lead a normal life. Many operations will have to follow, and naturally, the costs remain.

Even if the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin accommodates our cause with all their possibilities, the costs, especially the consequential ones which will accompany Carolina all her life cannot be covered in their entirety.

And this is why we need your help! Even a small contribution is a step towards the right direction for a better life of Carolina, a small step towards more humanity, a step towards hope. Donation receipts can be issued!

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