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About us

Photo Credits: Tobias Schult

Photo Credits: Tobias Schult

“Handle with care medical care e.V.“ is looking after the medical treatment of orphans from Mozambique, Africa.

Thereby, the field of activity is not only limited to the supply of medicines and other medical goods, also the financial compensation for operations and, if needed, transfers abroad can be managed, in case the necessary medical supply cannot be guaranteed on-site.

The society was founded in 2016 by Silke Maurer, chief executive and founder of the music companies “handle with care manufacturing” and “handle with care merchandise”. For several years now, Silke and her team have been devoting themselves to charitable activity and social work, with outstanding sustainable success.

With 48 year old Mo Latif, born in Mozambique and resident in Germany since 1989, Silke found the perfect partner to sustainably contribute to intercultural exchange and comprehension, as Mo’s own journey through life was shaped by two different cultures which could not be more diverse from each other.

Retrospectively unaware of what would truly expect them, Silke and her team have never regretted their decision of getting involved in this project. Meanwhile, especially due to the relocation of some children to the SOS orphanage Maputo, Silke is already visiting and mentoring two orphanages responsively. One could say, that whenever her time allows her to travel to Maputo, Silke spends as much time as possible with the almost 200 children, who have become one really big family by now.

Our Story

It was the year 2010 in which Silke followed the invitation by fashion designer Kilian Kerner and the two German ambassadors at the time, Uli and Angela Klöckner, to Maputo, Mozambique for the first time.

Since this visit, Silke and her team have been devoting themselves honorarily to orphan children. Even if Silke had never been to Africa, Mozambique, let alone an orphanage before, she was moved so deeply by the sorrow she encountered in Maputo, that there was no turning back for her – she had to help. Much has happened since, and within the last six years, Silke and her team have been on site personally more than twenty times.

Of course, not only closeness, benevolence, and attentively listening to the children were of absolute importance then. Also handcraft activities like the construction of a water tank to safeguard the supply with drinking water or the attachment of mosquito nets have been on the agenda since then. Also the provision with blankets and shoes, compiling food stocks or assembling new beds have been part of Silke`s everyday duties.

In 2016 it then became official. Out of love and passion, Silke and Mo founded the two societies “handle with care cultural care” and “handle with care medical care”. This way, it was possible for her to truly and sustainably make a difference. Since then, the children in the orphanages can not only be provided with donations in kind such as toys or musical instruments, but also with urgently needed medication and other goods. Yet, the foundation of “handle with care medical care” still has ist very own story behind it.