Handle with Care Medical

We provide medical treatment for orphans from Mozambique, Africa

Medical Supplies

We supply medicines and various medical goods.

Transfer Abroad

When the necessary medical supply cannot be guaranteed on-site, we organize any transfer needed.

Financial Aid

We cover medical expenses and operations.

How to Help

You can make a difference too and help us by making a donation.

Our Stories

Photo Credits: Tobias Schult

When Silke was visiting the orphanage Infantário Premier de Maio during her last stay in Mozambique in March 2016, the warden Dona Ida led her to one of the cribs. “This is Carolina”, said the warden. Carolina is a small baby, a young and graceful girl, only eleven months old. A girl without a face. […]

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Our Team

  • Jochen Nipp

  • 30 years old Jochen has been living in Berlin for over 5 years now. Initially coming to Berlin to finish his studies in English language, literature and culture, he quickly developed a keen interest in the widespread musical scene of the capital. After pursuing his career as a DJ and booking agent, he started working […]

  • Helder Augusto Ngarrine

  • 34 years old  Helder is our coworker on site in Maputo, Mozambique. Apart from being a dance instructor, teaching to play the djembe and building the instruments itself are among his main occupations. Next to his great commitment for orphans and street children, he also supports “handle with care medical” honorarily in any concerns that […]

Every small step counts

Carolina's next operation is scheduled to take place in January 2017. This time will be about the correction of her nose as well as a further correction of her mouth.
We desperately need your help. We are simply not able to manage it on our own!

Helder Augusto Ngarrine

Helder Augusto Ngarrine

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